How to apply adhesive vinyl

How to apply adhesive vinyl

What you will need

  • weeding pen, hook or tweezers (whatever you prefer)
  • scissors 
  • methylated spirits or damp cloth
  • squeege or applicator tool

#1 Cut your vinyl

Place your vinyl on the cutting mat paper side down. You want to have the coloured side facing you. Most vinyl cutting machines have cut presettings and for the most part they work great, but sometimes things dont always go to plan. So to save wasting the sheet of vinyl, please allways do a test cut to make sure its cutting through before heading into your big project.


#2 Weeding

This is the thing most people love, they find it very relaxing. Its much like weeding the garden (although more enjoyable), you take away all the unwanted weeds and leave the beautiful part behind, being your design. TIP: use your scissors to trim away excess vinyl that you're not using for this project and save it for the next one.

#3 Clean the surface

To get the best life out of your vinyl you want to make sure the surface you are about to apply your vinyl to is as clean as can be. Wipe your surface with a bit of methylated spirits and a damp dust free cloth. Allow to dry fully before attempting to apply your vinyl.

#4 Using transfer tape

Remove the backing from your transfer tape and lay it over your design, use an applicator and push firmly to adhear the transfer tape to the vinyl and remove any bubbles. When your ready to transfer your design turn it upside down and slowly peel away a small section of the paper backing and fold it back on itself. Doing this on a sharp angle works great. Continue slowly peeling the backing paper away making sure your design sticks to the transfer tape. Use the squeegee to repress if needed.


#5 Applying to your project

Now its time to line up your decal, be careful not to stick it down until you are completley happy as vinyl has a real staying power. it will stick and you wont be able to lift it back up. You can pop a piece of parchment/baking paper behind your decal so that it wont stick until you are sure where its going to go. Once ready, pull away the parchment/baking paper and start from the center of the decal pressing firmly and work your way outwards. This will help get out all those little air bubbles. Rub over it several times to make sure its well pressed on. Then slowly start peeling back the corner of the transfer tape, your vinyl will stay exactly where you put it.

Things to check each time:

 Make sure your blade is free of debris and is nice and sharp. You can sharpen it by stabbing the blade into a ball of tinfoil.

Enjoy your finished project!

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