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EasyColor™ DTV™

EasyColor™ DTV™

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With EasyColor ™ DTV ™ printing is very easy!

Compatible with a wide range of office inkjet printers and cutters, EasyColor lets you print and cut professional-quality images, patterns and even color photos. EasyColor features a matte finish and is suitable for both light and dark fabrics.

Use with application mask for smaller details. 

Test prints are recommended. 

Size A4, 1 sheet

Application Instructions

Print,cut and peel off excess material

Let dry for 5 minutes

Remove the print by hand or with the help of Advanced TTD

Preheat for 5 seconds at 155c

Remove TTD warm

Heat Press: 155c for 15 seconds, medium pressure

Home Iron: Use "silk" setting and cover with parchment paper for 90 seconds

Craft Cutter Settings


Blade: Standard

Setting: Iron On


Silhouette Cameo 

Blade: Standard, 3

Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth

Speed: 8 Force: 3

 Care Instructions:

Wash upto 40c - best inside out

Tumble dry (synthetic setting)

No drycleaning 

The product is REACH compliant.
The product is certified Oeko-tex® Standard 100 Class II.
The product is VeganOK certified.

**Due to the large varity of desktop printers and inks it is reccomended to preform a test print/wash.


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