Shipping and Handling Information

Our current processing for all orders is 2-6 working days.

Our working days are Monday-Friday, we are closed on the weekend.

Sometimes we are quicker than others, it just depends on what orders we have ahead.

You will receive an email/text notification once your order has been sent with tracking details. Please allow 24 hours for your tracking details to activate on the Courier Post website. Please ensure your email or phone number is correct to receive your order confirmation messages. 

If you haven't heard anything from us after 6 days, please feel free to send us an email and I'll reply when I can, you haven't been forgotten. We wouldn't do that to you!! 

Printed Vinyls 

All our beautiful printed vinyls (Exclusive and Patterned Vinyl Ranges) are printed to order. These take time to print especially when different types of vinyl are selected. Matte or Gloss, HTV or Adhesive. Because we have to change the rolls over and we print in groups of the same type of vinyl. So sometimes it can be printing for a few hours before we can change it to a different vinyl to continue your order. That's not a complaint from us at all, just thought you may want to know how it works. 

The vinyl also has a drying/degassing time otherwise we could ruin your beautiful patterned vinyl if we sent it to soon, and that's the last thing we want to do! 

Acrylic and Wooden Blanks

As much as we would love to have our own laser cutter we couldn't quite fit it in right now. So until then our acrylics are cut off site but still locally in New Zealand. We do hold a wide amount of stock on hand, however, some of these blanks will be cut on demand. This won't affect our standard processing time. 

Rush My Order

If you need your vinyl in a hurry and want to skip the queue add the rush my order to your order and we will get it out ASAP (usually the same working day but upto 2 days depending on your order/if our courier has already collected for the day) . Please click on the above link for details of timings and what to expect if you add this to your cart. 

Courier Options

We offer two courier rates, boxed and bagged. Please read all details below THEY ARE IMPORTANT. 

The Bagged Option

Best for small acrylics and accessories that will not squash. Anything that can get crushed or bent we recommend goes in a box, we love sending out things nicely and I'm sure that's how you'd like to receive them.

If you select the bagged option your vinyls over 6inchx6inch/15cmx15cm will be rolled and sent in a courier bag. Sticker Paper and other A4 items will be sent flat. We try to roll more than one item together where possible to keep them as strong as they can be. Please unroll your vinyls as soon as you receive them to help flatten them back out. You may need to place them under something heavy to stop them from rolling back up. **see note at bottom of page. We do not accept responsibility for damage caused to your order in transit if you select this option.

We will pack your order as safely as possible. However, we cannot guarantee your vinyls, acrylics etc won't get squished in transit. Please note the bagged option is not avaliable if you are purchasing a cutting mat, bottle/cup or acrylic/wooden blank 20cm or over as these have a high chance of breaking in a bag and are much safer in a box.

The Boxed Option

This is our favourite option because it ideally allows us to keep vinyls flat up to 12inch x 12inch. Plus it arrives in a snazzy pizza box to tease your kids or work mates. With the vinyl being flat it will arrive to you ready to use straight away. Any size larger than 12 Inch x 12 Inch / 30cm x 30cm will be rolled and placed safely in the box. Your other items will be in the box too. Items may be rolled together, please check this if you think something may be missing.

Please select the boxed option if you are ordering large Acrylic/Wooden Blanks 20cm or over, bottles/cups, baubles and cutting mats as these don't bend and will break easily in a bag. The box protects your order from the roughness of courier delivery.

We highly recommend sending your order in a box however, we do understand it is your choice. The bagged option is an automatic selection on the shipping confirmation page, you need to change your selection to boxed if you'd prefer. 

Also bonus! The box can be used to store your vinyls in, keeping them safe and flat. Or to store all your scraps. We have seen some people do some pretty cool things with the boxes even using them to create puzzels and 'fake aways' during lockdown.

Courier Rates:

Auckland and Waiheke

$7.97 Boxed Recommended- $6.99 Bagged (own risk) 

North Island including rural delivery

$8.99 Boxed Recommended - $6.99 Bagged (own risk) 

South Island including rural delivery

$10.50 Boxed Recommended - $7.99 Bagged (own risk) 

Free boxed courier on orders over $200 NZ WIDE

Courier Posts standard is over night (weekdays only) throughout the North Island and 1-3 days for the South Island. Please allow an extra day or two for rural delivery.  

All deliveries are sent through courier post with Signature Required. You are able to log onto the Courier Post website using your tracking number and provide authority to leave your parcel in a safe place. If you do this Design Supplies do not take responsibility for your delivery. 

We do not send to P.O Box addresses. 

Please make sure you enter your address correctly as we are unable to change your address once the courier is booked. 


$25 Tracked Standard Courier 3-10 working days. These are Courier Posts Standards, however, due to COVID-19 International and Local deliveries may take longer. 

Order does not cover local taxes or duty fees that may occur. 

Design Supplies will not refund orders returned due to unpaid taxes/duties etc. 

We ship vinyls flat up to 12 x 12 inch square in a box. Any size after that will be shipped rolled in a box for protection.


$30 Tracked Standard Courier

Parcel sent through New Zealand Post. 

Delivery time estimated 1-3 weeks.

Order does not cover local taxes or duty fees thatay occur. 

Design Supplies will not refund orders returned due to unpaid taxes/duties etc. 

We ship vinyls flat up to 12 x 12 inch square in a box. Any size after that will be shipped rolled in a box for protection.

*** If you choose to select the bagged option please unroll your vinyls as soon as you receive your order.

Vinyl has a "memory" to it, that's why we like using it! For example; if you wanted to put your vinyl on a rounded surface you want the vinyl to stretch/bend/go with the curve of your blank. Or likewise if your putting it on a flat surface you want it to sit flat and stay there. Now if vinyl didn't have a "memory" it wouldn't do that. 

So when the vinyl it rolled up tightly for shipping, it starts to "stretch" (for want of a better word) to that rolled shape and when you flatten it back out it can cause a bubbled effect on the vinyl. This is because the vinyl "stretched" (again, can't find a better word) and the paper backing did not. It can be fixed by lifting the vinyl gently and smoothing back down carefully.

This tends to happen with our more specialty vinyls. They are slightly thinner and made of a different vinyl to Oracal 651, some times a foil too. We store them flat here and only roll them when they go in your bag. Please unroll them as soon as you receive them. They may need flattening under a heavy object like a book also.

Remember sending your order in a bag is at your own risk, we highly recommend sending in a box to protect your much loved order! 



The Design Supplies Team

Happy Crafting x