How to apply Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to apply Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can apply Siser HTV with a standard home iron if you dont have a heat press at home! So give it a go!

Make sure you set your area up safely as the iron or heat press will be incredibly hot. You will want to press on something that wont suck away the heat from your garment. We recommend not using an ironing board for this reason. A folded up towel works great behind your garment if you dont have a heat press mat. Some HTV may be applied differently but the Siser HTV will need the linen setting on your iron with no water in it and no steam. For a heat press or easypress the time/temp is written on each of the products on our website, or there's a helpful chart. 

#1 Cutting your vinyl

Place the HTV shiny side down. This is your carrier sheet, you dont need a transfer mask for this. If your unsure which side to put down peel a tiny corner away, the clear plastic that you will see is what needs to touch the cutting mat. Remember to mirror your design before cutting or you will end up with it backwards.

#2 Weeding

Just like the adhesive vinyl, weed away the parts you do not want. Make sure you trim around your design and save all the extras for the next project.

#3 Preparing the garment

Its best to prepress your garment for a few seconds, this will take out any moisture that may affect how your vinyl adhears to the garment. Place your image vinyl side down, clear/shinny side up. Make sure it is lined up correctly. Cover with a piece of parcement paper and press firmly. You want to use all your body weight. Avoid dragging the iron around over the top of your design as this can cause things to move.

#4 All finished

Once you have pressed all parts of your design take off the parchment paper and peel off the clear carrier sheet. This can be done either hot or cold. To know your HTV has been pressed on correctly you want to be able to see the fibres patterns from the garment underneath showing through.


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