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3 Inch Read, Wear, Want, Need - Glitter

3 Inch Read, Wear, Want, Need - Glitter

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4x3inch blanks. Of your selected colour or mixed pack with be the 4 same colours as pictured however colours of each word may change. 

Acrylic Blanks

  • Blanks are cut from cast acrylic in New Zealand and are covered with a protective covering to prevent scratching or damage until they are ready to be used. This may appear scratched or damaged. This is normal, once you remove it you'll see your beautiful acrylic blank. 
  • Remove the protective paper/plastic covering before decorating.
  • Clear is made from 2mm thick cast acrylic these are the perfect thickness for etching. 
  • Glitter and Pastel Colours are 3mm thick
  • Use with a layer of resin, mix it up with some stunning glitter to create a cute 3d looking keychain. 
  • The acrylic blank measure approximately 3 inches at the widest point.
  • Make sure you join our facebook group Design Supplies Inspiration Group for ideas. This is also a group where we all support each other to create and share our amazing work.
  • Keychain hardware is available from our website..
  • Cut file will be automatically emailed to you once purchased. Make sure to check your junk folder. 
  • SVG files are provided for you to use for end product use with our acrylics only. You may not share, sell or redistribute files in any form. 
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