6 Inch Circle Cake Topper


Acrylic Blanks

  • Blanks are cut from cast acrylic in New Zealand and are covered with a protective covering to prevent scratching or damage until they are ready to be used.
  • Remove the protective paper/plastic covering before decorating.
  • Made of 2mm thick cast acrylic for the clear ones, these are the perfect thickness for etching.  The black and white ones are 3mm so are not suitable for etching on.
  • The acrylic blank measure approximately 6 inches at the widest point.
  • Recommended to hold and push into cake with stake not shape as it may cause it to bend and snap under pressure. 
  • Join our facebook group “Design Supplies Inspiration Group” for ideas and JPEG files of this acrylic blank.  This is also a group where we all support each other to create and share our amazing work.
  • Keychain hardware is available from our website.