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HS Foil - Crystal Black

HS Foil - Crystal Black

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Looking for a unique holographic effect on the textile?
Siser HS Foil grants a fantastic result in eleven different finishes!
Decorating your garment with HS Foil is extremely easy: you only need to press it a few seconds on our PS Adhesive.

You will get a cost effective design, awesome colours, and an incredibly thin decoration.

Must be used with PS Adhesive


  • Preheat 3 seconds
  • Apply medium pressure at 150°c PS Adhesive 5 sec + HS Foil 10 sec
  • Remove carrier sheet hot for PS Adhesive + Stone cold for HS Foil
  • Wait 24 hours before washing
Do not use bleach.
Size Conversion
12 Inches x 19.5 Inches = 30.5cm x 50cm

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