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Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

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1 A4 sheet,desktop Inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl (not suitable for laser printing) 

Suitable for any coloured fabric - does not require any transfer masks. Please place on by hand. 


  • Feed sheets and print individually
  • Allow to dry for 5 minutes before transferring


  • Make sure all excess white is removed, your image will transfer exactly how it is including the white.
  • Pre-heat your fabric for 5 seconds
  • Peel off the grid-lined backing from your transfer
  • Place the transfer with image FACE UP onto your fabric
  • Place the parchment paper onto the exposed image to protect the press from the ink
  • Press with high pressure for 12 seconds at 190°C
  • Wait for 1 minute to cool before removing the parchment paper


  • Wait 24 hours before washing
  • Washing in the machine using the full spin cycle
  • Not suitable for handwashing
  • Hand dry
  • Wash inside out and with cold water

Settings may vary depending on blade condition and printer quality. Always perform a test cut and press first.

Instructions are in second image of the photos on this listing. Please make sure you understand before using.  

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