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Keychain Starter Kit

Keychain Starter Kit

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The Acrylic Keychain Starter pack has been designed to get you started on a fun packed journey to making some of the most amazing keychains where your imagination is your limit!

Each pack consists of the following:

  • Step by step instruction of how to make acrylic keychains.
  • 1x 50ml bottle of resin base.
  • 1x 25ml bottle of Resin hardener and instruction on how to mix and use them.
  • 3 Acrylic shapes.
  • Patterned Vinyl.
  • Measuring cups and stirrers.
  • Keychain accessories.
  • Glitter not included there's a step in the instructions telling you where you can add glitter if you would like. You will need Solvent Resistant Glitter. All of the Glitters we stock are suitable,


Part A Base

Part B Hardener

Mixation is 2:1

This is a laminating resin for keychains, timber, concrete, jewelry, and other materials. It has outstanding clarity and UV resistance. In addition to laminating it can be used as an adhesive, and a clear finish coat. It is particularly suited for a clear coat for artwork. 

You will only need to mix up the tiniest bit. 7.5ml (5ml Part A + 2.5ml Part B) is enough to do roughly 3x 3inch acrylic blanks. Work quickly as it does start to thicken rather quickly.

Let rest for 5 minutes before using to allow the bubbles to surface.DO NOT OVER STIR. Stir gently so to limit the bubbles. If you can see bubbles on your project once the resin has been applied, blow gently over top or use a lighter to help bring the bubbles to the surface.

Lie flat until completely dry. Curing time is 8hours - Low odor.

Must be used in a well ventilated area wearing protective gear. Best results are from curing in 20°c. If you have your resin curing in cooler temperatures please note this will take much longer, and may still be sticky to the touch if too cool.

Does not require a UV lamp. 

This is a UV Resistant Resin which means it will not yellow in the sun.

Please read enclosed directions before starting your project. - Not food safe.

Keep out of reach for children

Only available for shipping within New Zealand.

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