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Oracal 751 - Loam Brown

Oracal 751 - Loam Brown

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Oracal 751C High Performance Cast

Oracal is one of the worlds leading brands when it comes to vinyl. 751C is great for any outdoor project such as car decals, signage, windows etc. It is also great for mugs, drink bottles or anywhere else you want your vinyl to stay for a long period of time. 5+ years indoor/outdoor life.

Works perfectly with Cricut, Silhouette, Brother and all other craft vinyl plotters/cutters.

High-performance PVC film with optimal cutting and conversion properties.
Developed especially for lettering and decoration with good weeding properties.
Suitable for high-quality vehicle and public transport system advertising.
Suitable for uneven and curved surfaces, over rivets and in corrugations.
Cast PVC film with a thickness of just 60 micron
Long-term outdoor application:
8 years (black / white)
7 years (transparent / coloured)
5 years (metallic)
3 years (gold L, brilliant blue L)
High gloss finished surface.
Marine Grade Vinyl.


Size Conversion

6 Inches x 6 Inches = 15cm x 15cm
12 Inches x 12 Inches = 30.5cm x 30.5cm
12 Inches x 19.5 Inches = 30.5cm x 50cm
12 Inches x 39 Inches = 30.5cm x 100cm / 1 Meter
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